Select a Dependable House Buying Company

We understand that we are not the only option you have in selling your house

There are other house buyers in Minnesota and it can be confusing to know the difference between the options you have available.

Regardless of the offer someone presents you, here are a few questions to ask a house buyer before making a decision:

What do past customers have to say?

One of the best ways to foresee what your experience will be like with a company is by hearing from past customers.

Before selecting a company, check their online reviews:

Do they have funds to buy your home?

Many house buyers do not have the funds at the time they ask you to sign a purchase agreement. They use the purchase agreement to persuade private money lenders to fund the transaction or to resell the house to them.

If they cannot find a lender or buyer, they may try to negotiate a lower price with you or back out of the deal altogether.

Many house buyers that cannot show proof of funds in their bank will write “contingencies” into their Purchase Agreement – “pending inspection,” “pending financing” – that enable them to back out if they can’t find someone to fund the transaction.

An “inspection contingency” allows the company to back out if the inspection finds one flaw. A normal time for inspection is 3-5 business days. A long inspection contingency time frame such as “30 days” is a red flag indicating the buye has not secured financing.

Do they have a fully staffed office to handle the entire transaction?

Many home buyers in Minneapolis are almost exclusively single operators. Selling a house fast involves a maze of legal requirements, regulations, disclosures, clearances, and documentation.

Dropping the ball on any step within the sale of your house can cause delays or abort the closing process. That is why a team is absolutely necessary.

Here at Homestead Road, we retain a licensed realtor, an attorney on call, and a dedicated title company closer, all to make sure the process of selling your house is executed smoothly and trouble-free.

What are the closing costs and when will you close?

When anyone makes an offer to buy your house “as is,” make sure they spell out all the closing steps, timing, and fees. Protect yourself against fine print hidden within contracts, surprise fees, and any lingering liabilities after the sale that may come back to bite you.

In becoming an experienced, reputable house buying company, we have streamlined the closing process, cutting down on paperwork, costs, and time. We have built our reputation within the community based off of transparency and a mission to best serve you.

What other services are provided to ensure a smooth, stress-free sale?

At Homestead Road we place family needs above all else, knowing the rewards come in much greater measure in the long run. We will take care of any goods you choose to leave behind by donating them to the Salvation Army or disabled Veterans organizations.

Our reputation is important, so serving you at our highest level is our top priority.