Selecting A Company To Buy Your House “As Is”.

An Important First Step:

Check the company’s reputation and reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

On one end of the spectrum are single operators who buy homes. On the other end of the spectrum are fully staffed companies like Homestead Road. Our staff of professionals  have served over 500 happy home sellers since 2007.

Whether you choose to deal with a single operator or a fully staffed company, make sure they have proof of funds to buy your house at the price they are offering. Most house buyers do not have the funds in hand at the time they present an offer. If they cannot find a lender, they may try to negotiate a lower price with you or back out of the deal altogether.

Homestead Road provides proof of funds from our bank at the time we present an offer to buy your home. That’s why you can count on a smooth and stress free process, which is  a major reason we have consistently earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


We value your privacy

Once you’ve found a reputable home buyer, ask the following questions:

Do they have funds to buy your home?

Homestead Road is proud to say we have a 100% closing rate once the Purchase Agreement is signed. By comparison, it is common for some house buyers to have you sign a purchase agreement without having the funds to buy your house fast. What these companies do is use the purchase agreement to persuade private lenders to fund the deal. They typically write “contingencies” into the Purchase Agreement – “pending inspection,” “pending financing” – that enable them to back out. A common back out clause to look out for is: “…contingent upon passing inspection.” This allows the company to back out if the inspection finds one flaw. Be aware that the normal time for inspection is 3-5 business days. 


Do they have a fully staffed office to handle the details?

Selling a house fast involves a maze of legal requirements, regulations, disclosures, clearances, and documentation. Dropping the ball on any step can cause delays or abort the closing process. Make sure the company seeking to buy your house retains a licensed realtor, an attorney on call, and a dedicated title company closer.


What Are The Closing Costs And Timing?

Experienced, reputable house buying companies have streamlined the closing process, cutting down on paperwork, costs, and time. When a house buying company makes an offer to buy your house “as is,” make sure they spell out all the closing steps, timing, and fees. Guard against fine print and surprise fees.


What other services do they provide?

Experienced house buying companies have learned that when they place family needs above all else, the rewards come in much greater measure in the long run. These “value-added” companies will take care of goods you choose to leave behind by donating them to the Salvation Army or disabled Veterans organizations and even offer a free truck and manpower to help with your move. These professional house buyers know that if they treat you right, their reputation will spread by word of mouth.