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The Homestead Road Story

Homestead Road is the only fully staffed, professional house buying company in the market. Our mission is to serve people better than anyone else with an “as is” house buying experience that is smooth, stress free, and flawless.

In 2007, Andrey Sokurec and Alex Delendik founded a company whose business model was to buy houses, fix them up, and resell them for a profit. The partners had a lot of competition from other companies seeking to buy homes. After completing several hundred profitable transactions, they saw an opportunity to expand their mission and develop a unique positioning in the marketplace.

What they realized was that they were not in the business of buying and selling houses. They were in the business of helping people with their most important asset, their home. Accordingly, they redefined their business’s mission to serve people better than anyone else by treating every person and every home with equal respect, keeping their promises, and providing a streamlined and fair transition to each homeowner’s next home.

The partners wanted a name for their business that would capture their focus on serving people. During a brainstorming session, they landed on the name “Homestead Road,” because it is a good representation of the journey from buying the house, restoring it, then helping the future family into their new “homestead” at the end of the road.


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Andrey Sokurec and Alex Delendik have a unique real estate vision. They chose to be in the real estate industry so that they can help people with one of their most important assets: their home. They want to be in the business of helping people, not merely in the business of buying and selling residential properties. Hence, in 2007, they founded Homestead Road in Minneapolis.

The name Homestead Road is the result of a brainstorming session about a real estate business that focuses on serving people.

Andrey and Alex wanted a name that perfectly captures their mission of treating every individual and every home with respect. They wanted a name that lets people know that they keep their promises and provide a streamlined process for all clients.

So, the business partners agree on Homestead Road; a name that e that reflects the journey of home buying and home restoration — a journey to help families settle into a new home, eventually.

Right now, Homestead Road is well-known for its smooth and stress-free “as is” home buying process in Minneapolis. We are a professional house buying company with a team of professionals that care about your family. After all, our mission is to serve people to the best of our abilities.

Our company focuses on serving people. Our services may include home buying and house restoration but, at the end of the day, our focus is on Minneapolis families who are dealing with house sales. Get in touch with us, today, and find out how we can help you.


The Story Behind The Logo

The Homestead Road logo is a watercolor painting of a house at the end of a road. The house pictured in the logo is an actual house that lies at the bottom of a man made reservoir that swallowed up the Western Massachusetts towns of Dana, Enfield, Prescott, and Greenwich. Over 2,500 people were forced to give up their homes to make way for the reservoir. Deeply affected by the heartwrenching story, the artist Sue Chaffee decided to bring the lost homes back to life in watercolor paintings. We recognized what she did as a great metaphor for what Homestead Road does, which is to find homes that need repairs, to buy them “as is,” and to restore them back to life for future families.

The artist worked from photographs supplied by the displaced families and photo archives in the local library. Homestead Road published the paintings in a 12 page commemorative booklet titled, “The Lost Treasures of Quabbin.” Looking at the houses in the paintings, one can imagine the joy of family life that once resonated within the walls, and the laughter of children who once played in the yards. Old roads that once led to the flooded towns can still be followed to the water’s edge.

The walls at Homestead Road are adorned with all 24 paintings in the series, and the company puts the complete set of on display at their events and conferences.

Homestead Road has recently published a 20 page Storybook on the lost homes, how the artist brought them back to life in watercolor painting, and how this has inspired Homestead Road to respect every home as an important part of the human experience.


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