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The home selling process is not always easy. It might be because your house is in poor condition or is priced out of the market. Alternatively, it might be because of your choice of local home buying company. For these reasons, we offer services that help you sell your home fast — and at a reasonable, even competitive, price. Homestead Road puts family ahead of everything else. We understand your various reasons for wanting or needing to sell your home as soon as possible. So, to make things easier for your family, our Minneapolis home buying company buys your home regardless of the state it is in. We help local families in other ways, too. You can come to us for home restoration or for help with finding a way to own a home. Stress-Free Home Selling Experience Andrey Sokurec and Alex Delendik understand that the residential property sales and restorations are challenging processes. This reality instilled in them the desire to serve Minneapolis residents by making these processes more manageable. So, in 2007, they founded a company that provides a smooth and stress-free experience for clients. This company, Homestead Road, buys houses, fixes them up, and puts them on the market for a reasonable profit. Home Selling Options in Minneapolis Real estate professionals recommend that you restore your residential property to good condition before putting it on the market. If you have the time and money to fix up your house and potentially increase the property value, then we can help you with that. Our company provides a free 12-page booklet that shows you how to repair and remodel the property for it to fetch a higher market price. But, not all homeowners looking to sell their property have the time or money to repair or remodel their house. Some are looking to sell the property as soon as possible, “as is.” It’s also worth pointing out that while repair and remodeling may increase property value, the market price is not always enough to recover the cost of these. If this is the case, then consider selling your house as is. By doing so, you can avoid repairs, inspections, realtor commissions, surprise fees, and a whole lot of paperwork. You can also sell your home as is if you are constantly wondering about “selling my home quickly” and “getting the most out of the property I want to get rid of.” You can sell the property as is for cash (investing the money elsewhere) or for payments (receiving a stream of monthly payments). Restoration Services for Your Home Not all clients who come to us need to sell their homes fast. Apart from being a home buying company, we also offer restoration services to fix your residential property using high-quality materials. You can come to us with any concerns you may have about home restoration; we’ll gladly share professional insights and extend a helping hand. Assistance with Owning a House Homestead Road is a family-oriented company. So, we know how big a difference it makes to finally own a home for your entire family. As a result, we look for different ways to help you out. Come to us, today, and our team will try to find a way for you to own the home that best matches your family’s circumstances and preferences.
If you want to sell a house quickly, look no further than Minnesota’s leading home buyers – Homestead Road. We are a quick house buyer that serves Minneapolis families. Since 2007, we have helped over 500 happy home owners sell their homes fast and stress free. Our unique process and integrated systems enable us to offer up to 20% more for your home! This means that from quote to closing you can sell your house “as is” quickly at the best price.
We are dedicated to serving people and families better than anyone else. Get started by requesting a no obligation evaluation and price quote “as is” today. Sell your home for cash with Minnesota’s leading home buyer! Simply fill out the form to get your “as is” price, or call with any questions.

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Feel the joy of selling your parents house AS IS
Why Sell Your House “As Is?”

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Sell your house quickly
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Sell your house quickly
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Selling a House As Is

“I contacted Homestead Road and man! They came, they were professional, they made me feel at ease and they were fast. The CEO came and helped me relax and got it done in 2 business days. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this company. Their people were very humane and respectful.

~ A Minneapolis Homeowner
Sell Your Home fast
Selling a House As Is

“Working with Homestead Road has been a great experience, not only in selling my Mom’s home, but closing in such a timely, professional manner. I liked their promise to take care of the home, to let us come back to see it fully restored and to meet the new family.

~ An Elderly Mom’s Daughter
Sell Your Home fast

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