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Meet Your Wisconsin Team

Joe Gnapp

David Smith

Managing Partner

Having studied at well known universities including Oxford University in Oxford, England, David brings a broad set of business knowledge with over 30 years of global experience as chief executive of companies in a variety of consumer branded businesses.  Along with this knowledge and experience, in recent years David has shifted his focus toward real estate where he greatly enjoys providing exceptional service and personalized attention to his homeowner clients.

Joe Gnapp

Ben Rivera

Acquisition Manager

Having lived in Milwaukee most of his life, Ben brings deep knowledge of the Milwaukee area with over 25 years of real estate experience. Along with his real estate experience and knowledge, Ben brings a customer-centric, caring approach which in part stems from his early studies to become a physical therapist and later a successful 7 years as Director of Operations at Sendiks, a Milwaukee grocery retailer known for its long history of exceptional customer service. In his free time, Ben enjoys woodworking and staying fit doing crossfit and bodybuilding. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife and is a proud dad to two children, one at home and one in college.