What Home Sellers Say About Homestead Road

Take a moment to read about homeowner’s experiences working with us. Watch their personal stories, and get a better feel for what it’s like to sell your home to Homestead Road.

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“Thank you Homestead Road! When it was time for Mom to move out of the home she had been in for over 50 years, Homestead Road made this transition easy. They made me feel comfortable, the title company came right to the house, checks were cut that day, they made the transaction very smooth.”

Gale B

We save lost houses. “This particular property did not have any furnace, didn’t have any air conditioning, all the systems had been torn out, so it was essentially not only uninhabitable, but it was not even salable.In a matter of a few weeks, they came in and brought it back up to speed from an inhabitable and sales standpoint. It was the only solution for the bank.

James J / Realtor

“Homestead Road bought a property from my client that was on the verge of going back to the city for non-payment of taxes. Homestead Road was able to buy the property “as is” within a very short period of time and put money into my client’s hand instead of them having to pay money out. My client was very pleased with the whole process from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Homestead Road to others!”

John S / Country Financial

“Thanks for buying my property in Minneapolis. The sale was easy and quick, you guys were great to work with.

Paul H

“Thank you for helping my family to sell our home when we owed back taxes to the City. Our Insurance Agent was able to connect us with Homestead Road.”

Sarah H

“I might have just went through the house with Andrey once. He quoted me a price saying how bad the house looked. Of course we knew that. He met me at my job. Wrote out the little contract. Done. He cut a check while we were there.”

Wanda T


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