Top 5 Tips to Sell Your House for Cash instead of listing it the traditional way with a Realtor!

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October 1st, 2018

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in MN? Consider selling through to a home buying company or real estate investment group! The popularity and prominence of selling alternatives have crept up in the past couple decades, giving sellers multiple methods to move on.


Instead of the typical hire-a-realtor way, these days more homeowners are considering the benefits of cash offers and selling a house in “as is condition.


These five tips and tricks to sell your house for cash to a home buying company or a real estate investor group will provide the simplest property selling solution on the market today.


1. Do your Research About the Home Buying Company or Real Estate Investment Group.

If you are selling your house for cash to a home buying company, you must first do the proper research about the home buying company or real estate investment firm to check whether they are genuine or not and determine which one is best for your house sale. There are several home buying companies out there with varied specifications, such as those who buy sight-unseen, those who work predominantly online and outsource to investors, and those who search for local homes and must participate in walk thoughts before submitting a fair cash offer on a property. When conducting your own personal research, make note of the individual services provided to make the best-informed decision.


2. Choose Local Home Buying Companies or Real Estate Investors

It is always better to choose a local cash home buyer to sell your house. In fact, these days, local cash home buyers are in higher demand rather than the distant, online competition. There is a reason for this. Local cash home buyer or real estate investment groups like Homestead Road know the area; they have firsthand experience with the neighborhoods and what homes have & may sell for and can determine the price of a property without as much research. Local cash home buyers are also more apt to possess similar personal values and visit the same local establishments. The commonalities between a local cash home buyer or real estate investor and a homeowner can be vital when meeting, assessing, and selling the property.


3. Check References When Choosing a Home Buying Company

Before deciding to work with any particular home buying company or real estate investor, it is imperative to evaluate the cash home buyer’s reputation. Homeowners can evaluate a company’s service by browsing their references from other sellers that have used their services. These can be typically found online through either the company’s website or via business rating services. Honest references will offer real life author names and provide very specific details or info about the business and their dealings. If you ask for references and aren’t provided any, move on to another local cash buyer. Checking out the references are a must when choosing a home buying company in order to have smooth house selling deal.


4. Be Honest and Precise About the Condition of Your House

One of the best advantages of selling your house for cash is that the home buying companies or real estate investor firms generally do not care what condition a house is in. Have comprehensive water stains? No problem! Need extensive updates or major renovations? The home buying companies will still buy it. Home buying companies like Homestead Road in Minnesota are not turned off to the average home degradation. Whereas the standard buyers want move-in ready properties with immense curb appeal, Cash home buyers like Homestead Road want dilapidated houses with visible age. The more work it may need, the better it is! Be upfront about your house flaws, the cash home buyers like Homestead Road see the potential of a property in any condition and will pay you good cash for your house. Before having a local cash home buyer inspect and evaluate your house, there is no harm in being upfront about the possible damage and problem areas.


5. Feel Free to Ask Questions about Things that You Don’t Know

The home selling process can be a lengthy and complicated mess for no so-Savvy sellers. Completing legal forms can be tedious and determining a home’s accurate value can be challenging. When you hire a real estate agent, you expect a certain level of expertise to assist with whatever questions they may have: unfortunately, not all realtors have the time, knowledge, or resources to accurately answer a seller’s question. When selling your house for cash, you are given access to professionals that put you and your property first. If you have a question about the home selling process, just ask! If you want to know why a cash buyer offered a certain amount, they are willing and able to inform you. Cash home buyers like Homestead Road, Have extensive knowledge with the real estate industry, current housing market, and price fluctuations; there are few more knowledgeable professionals capable of answering homeowner’s inquiries.


Selling House for Cash – Can Be an Easy Process!


It is no secret that the homeowners have numerous options when selling your home or property fast in Minnesota. Homeowners can hire a real estate agent or list as for sale by owner. A better option for sellers that don’t want to spend the time or money for repairs that can turn out to be very costly, are local cash home buyers! They are interested in buying properties in any condition and closing at the earliest convenience for the seller. Local cash home buyers like Homestead Road are familiar with your area and know your home’s worth, sometimes without even seeing it. If you are interested in using a home buying company or real estate investment group, remember to do your research, be upfront and ask questions that way, you’ll be well educated on the process. Cash home buyers love to work with honest sellers and have a fondness for flawed homes!

Remember: It’s a good idea to take your time to find the right real estate investment company since no two are exactly alike. Homestead Road invest in any kind of real estate properties including Houses, Rental Communities, Multi families, Commercial and Residential Properties.


If you need to sell your house in “as is” condition in Minnesota, whether it is duplex, single family house, flat or bungalow, then contact the local cash home buyers of Homestead Road in Minnesota. We can buy your home fast making the process easy and stress free. For details, call 612.808.6767 or Visit us at