Top 20 Real Estate Open House Ideas to Sell House Fast

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October 5th, 2016

Top 20 Real Estate Open House Ideas to Sell House Fast

An open house is a great way of inviting maximum buyers to a property so that best deals can be made. It not only provides real estate agents the time to interact with the potential buyers and to know their demands, but the open house ideas also let the sellers beat the competition and sell their house fast at best price. This write-up includes the best open house ideas that will let you sell your house quickly at the best price.

Real Estate Open House Ideas to Sell House Fast

  1. Bring into use the directional signs

    It is not necessary that your neighbors would be following you on your email list or a real estate website. So, you need to tell them about your open house. Using the directional boards will be the best idea as it will let the maximum people know about your open house.

  2. Give preference to email marketing

    Sending invitations to people’s inboxes is the strategy that most of the agents are using. So, invite the people to your open house inciting them to meet you in person.

  3. Invite people to lunch or dinner

    It is the best way to build your circle. Reach out about 20-25 of your neighbors and offer them food. Interact will all of them and try to be as frank as you can.

  4. Follow up every visitor

    If a person is coming to your open house, then undoubtedly he is a potential buyer. So, follow the visitors and try to know that whether they are an active buyer or are looking for a particular type of property.

  5. Give importance to home staging

    Even if you want to do the staging yourself, get some tips from the professionals to stage it to the best. Learn these Home Staging Tips that Sell your Home Fast

  6. Take care of cleaning

    Along with taking care of other cleaning tasks, make sure that the closets are clean and the items placed in them are properly organized. It is because every buyer tends to open the closets, no matter how much you stop him.

  7. Depersonalize the property

    As the buyers belong to different customs, cultures and religions, you should depersonalize the property; otherwise, it will look like the property belongs to only a single group.

  8. Target the local buyers

    It would be best if a buyer from the same community buys the property. So, you need to target them and online ads, optimized for the local searches, are the best way to do that.

  9. Take advantage of Facebook

    Posting property’s photos on the Facebook and linking them back to a page where viewers will get further details will help you generate more leads.  Also read these Tips of Using Social Media to Sell Your House Quickly

  10. Choose the correct radius

    List your open house within your service area, don’t go miles as it will not be beneficial.

  11. Choose the right price

    In order to get the maximum people to your open house, you should price the property rightly.

  12. Create a good first impression

    First impression matters a lot, so create a good one. Keep the outdoors well cleaned and the entrance much inviting.

  13. Have a theme based open house

    You will get more success from the open house if it would be theme based. What you can do is offering the relevant dishes and playing music.

    Check out this video of Open House Nightmare Selling Your Parents House

  14. Don’t ignore the local newspapers

    No matter how well you have marketed the particular property or your open house through online means, don’t ignore the power of local newspapers.

  15. Consult with other agents

    Talk to other agents and make a plan to organize the open house. It will be advantageous for all the agents who would have teamed up as maximum traffic will be driven to their open house.

  16. Invite only agents to your open house

    Create a list of buyer’s agents and seller’s agents and invite them personally to your open house. It will create a long-lasting positive impression.

  17. Keep the house neutrally scented

    As all the people don’t like scent and also some are allergic to it, so you should keep the house neutrally scented.

  18. Declutter

    Declutter the house to make the visitors feel that the house is ready for the close up. Remove all the extra items that are not presently in the use.

  19. Create your personal property website

    You must agree with the fact that buyers visit 2-5 homes a single day, so how they will remember the features of each house. In order to beat the competition, take photos of the house and its rooms from different angles, and then post it on your property website. It will let the buyers view the property when they would want.

  20. Provide the neighborhood information

    Information about the neighborhood can attract the potential buyers, so provide it. It can include the information of nearby schools, medical care centers, grocery stores, restaurants and more.

Undoubtedly, open houses are the best way to generate more leads, but ensure to complete the necessary tasks (like cleaning, staging, marketing, advertising, depersonalizing, etc.) before the big day.