The simple, stress-free way to sell your home without the hassles and stress!

9 out of 10 customers not only agree that Homestead Road greatly reduced the hassles and stress of selling their house but that Homestead Road was the easiest way to sell their home.*

*Homestead Road 2020-2021 Customer Experience Survey

Why Choose Homestead Road

At Homestead Road, we know selling your home is a big decision.  We also understand how stressful the process of selling a house by means of a traditional listing can be, a process that has many steps and is unnecessarily complicated and frankly requires a lot of work.   The good news is there is another way, the Homestead Road way.  It is simple, straightforward, and designed to alleviate all the hassles and stress associated with time, money and effort needed to sell your home.

From retirements to relocating, from downsizing to upgrading, from inherited homes to financial hardship, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve over 1,000 homeowners who valued our simplified and straightforward approach.

Key Benefits Of Selling Your Home The Simple Way

By selling your home “as-is” directly to Homestead Road, you do not have to deal with all the hassles and stress associated with preparing the home to go on the market the traditional agent or for sale by owner route.   There will be no long list of updates or touch ups, no trying to find contractors to make repairs, no dumpsters for unwanted household items, no cleaning or decluttering, no staging, no photographers, no showings, or open houses where strangers are walking into your personal spaces!

We take all of this off your “to do” list along with eliminating all the time, money and effort needed to get it done.

Feel The Joy Of Selling Your House As-Is

We Buy in Any Condition

We buy homes “as is” in truly any condition and for you, that means there are no costly repairs, no cleaning and no showings or open houses!  Even better, there are no fees, no fine print, and no surprises!   Even if your house is poor condition and needs major repairs, that is not a problem because that is our specialty, even if it is over 100 years old and may need over $100,000 in repairs.

Simple, Straightforward Process Based on Your Needs and Timeline

Our simple, straightforward process provides a fair, transparent cash offer.  Our promise to you is that you will never be pressured along the way and that we will work on your timeline, not ours.   And if you choose to accept our offer, when it is time to move out you take what you want from the home and can leave any unwanted items behind, and we will be sure to donate them through our longstanding relationship with The Salvation Army or recycle them if possible.  By design, our process does not require you to lift a finger, except to sign the offer and closing documents.   It is that simple!   

Feel the Joy Customer Experience

Our top priority is you and our goal is to deliver a positive experience from start to finish.  We will work on your timeline, not ours.  At Homestead Road our team is there to handle all the details and we take pride in going the extra mile to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.   You needs come first and if we fail to fail to meet your expectations as we work with you, because we are a values-based company we will take 100% responsibility and do everything we can to make it right for you.   

Personalized, Professional Service from People Who Care

Our Home Sales Advisor team has an average of 15 years real estate experience and knowledge.  They not only understand the industry and market, but they also actually live in and know your community.  On top of that experience and knowledge, when you choose to work with Homestead Road, you will work with someone who will not listen to your needs, but treat you with care, compassion, and respectful no matter what your situation  

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Our Transparent, Streamlined Process

Our house buying process is open and transparent and you will never get any pressure along the way.  When selling the traditional route, rest assured you will have many people coming into your home…from meetings with your agent, to stagers, to photographers all before your house ever hits the market.  Then once the property is listed on the market, between open houses and showings you will have many, many strangers walking through your home.

Our customers tell us they value the non-intrusive, streamlined approach we use that eliminates strangers in the home for showings and open houses.   The good news is that our process typically requires just one person from our company in your home…that is it.  Here is how it works!

Step 1

Personal Home Consultation

One of our home sales advisors will meet with you at your home to learn about your needs, hear your story and then make an evaluation.

Step 2


Our home advisor will make a fair, no obligation cash offer within 24 hours – and explain how they arrived at the number.

Step 3


Finally, we’ll close with a seamless title transfer without any last minute surprises. And that’s it! You walk away with your check, free of worry with no future house liability.

Meet Your Local Home Sales Advisors

At Homestead Road our home sales advisors are ready to go the extra mile for every customer with a commitment to offering you a stress-free home selling experience by offering the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Our home sales advisors are veterans of the communities they serve with the expertise to take care of any details or complications, including titles, liens, and judgments.

At Homestead Road, we view every homeowner we work with as a relationship, not just a transaction.  We are at our best when we can take the time to get to know a little about you, your needs and hear your story no matter what your situation so we can help you move forward, faster.    And while the needs or circumstances may be similar or different among those customers, we pride ourselves in helping every homeowner in a caring, compassionate, and respectful way regardless of the circumstances.

We have worked with many, many homeowners since 2007 and we appreciate each one. From homeowners who raised children over the decades in their beloved family home and are now ready to move to their next stage to the adult children who grew up in the family home where lasting childhood memories were made. For this reason, if you have a strong emotional attachment to your home, we gladly offer you a complimentary watercolor painting of the rejuvenated home to memorialize it and bring back fond memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand selling your home is a big deal and you have questions. Homestead Road is here to help guide and advise you when it comes to selling your home.
Will you purchase my home that has known issues or needs major repairs?

Yes, that is exactly what we do every day as we buy houses as is in literally any condition.  So even if your house has issues such as asbestos, lead paint, termites, pests, mold, water intrusion or is in need of major repairs to the structure, foundation, roof or has damage from freezing, we are interested.  This is because we have built a very experienced and knowledgeable construction department have the expertise to handle a wide variety of issues and repairs.       

Do you have any restrictions in respect to the types of homes you are willing to purchase?

While other home buyers and investors have a list of restrictions the limit the types of houses and properties they purchase, we are interested in a very broad array of properties with very little restrictions.  We buy owner occupied and non-owner-occupied single family and multi-family properties including homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes and even mobile homes if you own the land it is located on.  We purchase farms, cabins and property and acreage.   We buy homes with easements, unique features and unlike others who will not buy homes where there is an association, we do.  And while others may have a home age limitation, we buy houses of any age.   In fact, we previously purchased a home from 1860!   ule Advanced settings.

Will I get as much money as I would if I listed with an agent?

We often get the question “will you pay top dollar for my house?” The honest answer is, not always.  Once you factor in the costs, hassles and time needed to sell on the open market, we think you will agree our offer is fair and competitive.  If you work with us, you avoid all the time, energy and financial resources necessary to empty the house, fix it up, deal with all the fuss of ongoing showings.   If you are comfortable with taking all the work and hassles on, then you may not be a good fit for us and should probably consider other alternatives to earn the highest possible price. In any case, there is no harm in calling us to set up a complimentary, no obligation consultation so you can make an informed decision.     

What factors go into your offer price?

As to how we calculate our offers, our goal is to get to a fair and competitive offer price that considers your needs as well as our needs.   The biggest factor is the current state of the home and considering the costs of repairs and improvements needed.  We look at many other factors which include resent sales of other comparable homes in your area, costs of permits, city inspections (if required), cleanout costs including dumpster and sanitation as well as other related hard closing fees as well as holding financing costs and lastly a reasonable margin for our work.  When we come forward with a purchase price offer, we are very transparent and open so that you understand how we calculated the offer for you to consider.