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Digital Marketing Manager|

Digital Marketing Manager

Board member|

Board Member

Roberto founded the Homestead Road with Andrey and Alex and presently serves as board member and active advisor.  He is a real estate broker and maintains residential construction licenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Roberto graduated from the University of Minnesota with a masters degree in both Business Administration as well as Business Taxation.  As a lifelong learner, Roberto also has a Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern California School of Law among others.  He is registered as both Mediator and Arbitrator in the Neutrals Roster of the Minnesota Supreme Court. Roberto not only has a passion for learning, he also has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience teaching International Law and Diplomacy at Euclid University, an UN-sponsored university created under an international treaty among over a dozen countries. Roberto loves to read, enjoys music and enjoys traveling the world.

Vice President

Vice President Sales

David is the Director of Acquisitions at Homestead Road. He has worked in Real Estate for over 10 years working with many homeowners and investors finding them properties to renovate and adding his expertise to the projects. He has personally renovated over 30 properties and ran a design firm building models and design plans for new investors and construction companies. David works to find where he can be helpful with each client and excels at finding creative solutions.


Chief Marketing Officer

David brings over 20 years of brand and business building experience, from his past roles at Anderson Windows and 3M, He also brings a strong passion for the customer as well as a unique set of skills and talents that can bring brands to life by connecting them to customers and target audiences. Additionally, he brings a strong business perspective with a background that not only includes an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management but also 10 years in the financial industry as a commercial banker early in his career after graduating from the University of Alabama with a BS in Finance. David has a long-standing interest in real estate having worked his way through undergraduate school by managing a 110 unit apartment complex in Tuscaloosa, AL. On the personal front, he enjoys tennis, motorcycling, playing guitar, and home improvement projects.

Acquisition Manager|

Acquisition Manager

Acquisition Manager|

Acquisition Manager

Brokerage Manager|

Brokerage Manager





Brokerage Manager|

Brokerage Manager

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