Should I Fix up My House or Sell it As Is?

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August 8th, 2017

Should I Fix up My House or Sell it As Is? Should I Fix up My House or Sell it As Is

Confused whether to fix up your house before putting on sale or sell it as is? Well, this particular question is one of those questions where the answer totally depends on some of the most essential factors such as real estate market condition, competing for inventory, as well as the probability of return on the investment.

It has been noted that there are home sellers who don’t have money and time for repairing. There are also those who make small repairs and do small renovations to their property for increasing its value and earning more. So, if you want to sell your house fast and earn profit then go through these below mentioned tips-

  • Usually, sellers invest too much money in repairing of the home for sale that some of the repairs are not even noticeable by a buyer and not even they pay extra for it. Always take advice from an experienced and certified agent before making any kind of repair. Make sure to repair your home in such a way that it will encourage house buyers to invest in your home only without spending any extra amount on it which is not required.

  • You can plan to make a visit with your agent at different available homes for sales and make changes according to it. Note the amenities and conditions of those homes and compare those from yours. For example, if most of the homes which you visited have upgraded and properly managed kitchen as compared to your kitchen then focus on repairing of your kitchen and make it look attractive, manageable and clean. It is important to note that by remodeling kitchen it does not mean that you need to buy expensive designer appliances and tear all cabinets and add a new one. Always try to focus on minor changes and go for major changes only if required.

  • A smart seller will always compare the cost of the home’s market value against the cost of proposed improvements. Here you can learn how to estimate total rehab cost. Always make sure to make improvements in your house which will return the investment with a good profit. Before you make a decision to install skylights in the master suite and lift the roof, make yourself aware of the fact that baths and kitchen repairing can give the highest return as compared to making other unnecessary changes.

  • You need to make a list of each and everything properly which is broken or defective. If buyers will spot malfunctioning systems or spot any problem they will not going to invest or pay as much money you want. Some of the most common and essential changes which you always need to focus on before selling your home are fixing of all HVAC systems and broken appliances, repairing cracks and patch holes on ceilings and walls, repairing leaky faucets, replacing stained or worn carpeting, repainting dark walls with neutral paint, changing all outdated ceiling fans and light fixtures, replacing the roof and broken window glass and fixing code violations.

  • If your house which you want to sell is located at the location which is in demand and highly valuable then it will be easier for you to sell it by making minor changes. Home location also matters when you want to sell your house.