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What It Means to Sell “As Is”

Selling your home “as is” means exactly that.

No need to pay real estate commissions, make repairs or updates, allow multiple showings or deal with multiple inspections. You take what you want from your home and literally leave the rest behind, even the dishes in the sink. Homestead Road takes care of the rest, donating as much as possible to charity. What we can’t donate, we will dispose of for you.

Even better, we will sign an “as is” agreement that releases you from any further liability for the home or any issues it might have after closing. You walk away stress-free with your money in the bank.

How Our Process Works

Step 1
  • Contact Homestead Road
  • An experienced, professional advisor visits your home to evaluate the property. We make you a transparent offer, explaining how we calculated it and show you how much money to expect at closing
  • If you accept, we draft a purchase agreement, schedule inspections and handle all the details from there
Step 2
  • We close on your timeline. Typically we close in about two weeks, but we can work with your timeline and close more quickly or allow more time, if you wish
  • You leave the closing with a check and freedom from any future liability for your home
Step 3
  • If you have an emotional attachment to your home, we invite you back to see it after it’s been renovated and present you with a framed picture as a keepsake.

What it Costs

At Homestead Road we make you a transparent offer and show you how we arrive at the amount. There are no Realtor commissions or fees to Homestead Road. Sellers only pay the taxes and government fees, which are typically less than $1,200 total.

In comparison, if you list with a Realtor, you will typically pay a 6% real estate commission, up to 3% in seller concessions to the buyer and another 3% in closing costs.

Discover What You Can Sell Your House for in its Current Condition.

No obligation, no pressure!

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