Homestead Road Podcasts


Learn what to expect when calling in to Homestead Road. Our Lead Managers are ready to help you with the first step in selling your house As-Is.



Can I sell my house to an investor?
Here is what to expect when you meet with our team to talk about the possibility of selling your home to Homestead Road.



Ever wonder what the process is for selling your home As-Is? What type of buyers you can go through? Look no further. This podcast explains the different type of As-Is buyers.



Selling a home? Not sure what to expect? We explain exactly what the process is when selling yourself or through a realtor. The pros and the cons.
Today guest – Heidi Priebe (MidwestHomes)



Matthew Wieser of @Wieser Companies shares incredible family stories from his family’s 50 years in business. We salute their support of Veterans and their families at Ft. Snelling!



Homestead Road goes the extra mile for every customer. We are committed to offering you a stress-free home selling experience by offering the highest level of customer service in the industry.



Real estate investment could be the right move for you. Find out what it takes to be an investor and some tips that may help along the way.



Options for selling your home quickly in an urgent family or emergency situation.