Giving Back to the Community

We Take Care of You Before, During, and After the Move.

At Homestead Road, we make it a point to treat each of our clients like family. This starts by providing the highest level of service when selling a house quickly and continues long after the move is over. For all the families we work with, we provide: a free donation of any items left behind to The Salvation Army or Veterans organization.

Further, we believe that healthy competition entails serving the market better than anyone else, but since the “market” is nothing more than a group of “people,” this means serving “people” better than anyone else. This outlook inspires us to do good works in the community. Below are some of the ways in which we fulfill this rewarding aspect of our company mission.

Cookie Cart


On Wednesday, March 15 the Humble Rockets of Homestead Road worked side by side with high school students at Cookie Cart, a non-profit Minneapolis bakery that employs teenagers 15 to 18. The bakery was founded to instill work, life and leadership skills to teenagers through paid employment. They also receive classroom training in workplace communications, exploring career options, preparing resumes and cover letters, practicing job interviews, and developing job search skills.

You may think that making cookies is a walk in the park, but scooping several hundred cookies with ice cream scoops is a workout to say the least. It was a great change of pace to follow orders from self confident and motivated teenagers.

The Homestead Road Scholarship Fund

People from Homestead Road, Hennepin Technical College, and the Horr Family displaying the first donation to the Homestead Road Scholarship Fund

Homestead Road has established a scholarship fund for young people to begin careers in the building and construction trades through Hennepin Technical College. The scholarship fund will provide opportunities for young people to further their interest and gain practical experience in the construction industry as they work towards earning a degree. The scholarship is available through the HTC campuses in in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

The end goal of this scholarship fund is to help promote quality home construction and remodeling in the Twin Cities area. House buyers are extremely fussy about every little detail, so our remodeling has to be flawless. To uphold high standards we need well educated and highly skilled carpenters, plumbers, woodworkers, and HVAC and we feel that this scholarship will do just that.

Feed My Starving Children

Homestead Road Employees at Feed My Starving Children

The Humble Rockets of Homestead Road joined an army of volunteers at Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids, Minnesota,Together we packed up over 20,000 meals to feed hungry children and fight malnutrition around the world. We hope everyone comes to know that good works are always rewarded in the end.

Harvesting Pumpkins

Homestead Road employees harvesting pumpkins

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a 1,137 acre horticultural garden and nature preserve maintained by the University of Minnesota. Their 9 acre pumpkin patch contains 295 different species of pumpkins and melons, and they scour the globe to acquire seeds for more varieties. In the Fall, the pumpkins are harvested by volunteers. In November, 2015, the employees of Homestead Road set out into the pumpkin patch cutting pumpkins and carrying them overland to load into awaiting wagons.

Sharing and Caring Hands

Homestead Road employees at Sharing and Caring Hands

Homestead Road employees served breakfast to the homeless and hungry at Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. In the group photo, the lady third from the right in the middle is Mary Jo Copeland, the founder. Starting in 1985, Mary Jo has built an organization that houses 500 homeless people and feeds 1000 people a day. All funding is from private donations. “Not a penny from the government,” she proudly says. The amazing thing was that the cooks announced we had run out of food, but the last person in line got the last smidgens of food in the serving trays. No one went without.

Habitat for Humanity

Homestead Road employees at Habitat for Humanity new house site.

Homestead Road employees helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

In connection with Habitat for Humanity, the Homestead Road crew helped build a new house for a family in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The Mom and Dad came to the U.S. from Ethiopia 15 years ago and they have two very excited little kids. We hung sheet rock, insulated the attic, and cleaned out all the debris so the mudders and tapers could do their thing.

“The Roadies” of Homestead Road

Homestead Road's dance troupe, The Roadies, performing at the Minneapolis May Day festival.

Homestead Road’s dance troupe, The Roadies, performing at the Minneapolis May Day festival.

The Roadies are a professional dance troupe and Homestead Road’s official ambassadors of good will to the communities we serve. At each of their shows, The Roadies perform a reenactment of how the artist Sue Chafee brought back to life in watercolor paintings homes that had been lost to make way for a man made reservoir. Appearing at various public events throughout the years, including Minneapolis May Day, The Basilica Block Party, and The Uptown Art Fair, the dancers are a crowd favorite wherever they perform. At the end of each of their performances, The Roadies toss rubber bracelets to the crowd inscribed with the words “Be a Roadie” and “Bring Life Home.” The troupe also passes out wallet cards that explain how to be a Roadie and to live your life by “The Roadie Code.”

homestead road calling card front and back view

The Roadie Code

  • Always empathize with people and care about them.
  • Treat everyone you meet with equal respect.
  • Do the right thing, even when it is harder or costs more.
  • Know that good works are always rewarded in the end.
  • Always exceed expectations.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Tell the truth.

The Roadies have become a movement to promote being nice and ethical in every situation and circumstance.

Watch The Roadies Perform!

Click here to see The Roadies’ May Day performance in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis on May 3rd, 2015.

Homestead Road's dance troupe, The Roadies, performing acrobatic feats

The Roadie Code mirrors the Values spelled out in the Homestead Road Mission Statement:

  • Integrity ― Telling the truth, keeping promises, doing the right thing
  • Fairness ― Treating every individual and home with equal respect
  • Heart ― Serving people with empathy, caring, and good works
  • Service ― Exceeding the expectations of people and families
  • Creativity ― Bringing innovative solutions to our challenges every day
  • Growth ― Continuously dreaming, visualizing, striving, learning


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