Home Selling 101 – Why a Home Seller Should Consider Having a Home Inspection

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September 20th, 2017

Home Selling 101 – Why a Home Seller Should Consider Having a Home Inspection Home Selling 101 - Why a Home Seller Should Consider Having a Home Inspection

Selling home to an investor directly without having home inspected? There are a lot of essential factors which a home seller must keep in mind before selling their home. For having a profitable deal it is essential to get the home inspection service by experts.

A home inspection will help you to make relevant changes in your home, which will help you to sell a house to cash house buyer with a good deal. Home inspection experts will tell you how much to spend on which specific areas of home for attracting clients.

Here below are some of the most essential reasons which will give you information about the necessity of having a home inspected-

1. It will help you to save your money

Renovating a home is quite a daunting task and may require a large amount, but renovation will help you to save you in the long run.

If issues will be shown in the buyer’s inspection report then he will ask you to reduce the price.

Depending on the buyer’s willingness to negotiate and severity of issues, it may also sink the original offer amount.

2. Help you to sell your home faster

Having home inspection early will help you to get a profitable deal faster. If you proactively make repairs which are necessary then you will get safe from long negotiation process. Selling a house to cash buyer will help you to get safe from money which you have to pay to real estate agent for a long time.

3. Home inspection will give you a competitive edge

A pre-listing home inspection give a signal to potential buyers that you have completed the diligence on their future home.

By doing this, you can build a confidence between you and your buyer. They will become confident that you are an honest seller who is selling a house of good quality.

4. Fix the deal breakers

There are some of the most important areas of the home, which you must focus to repair. These repairing areas can either make or break your deal with a potential house buyer. Therefore, make sure to not forget to make repairs of these below mentioned home areas-

  • Foundation issues

  • Outdated electrical system

  • Mold

  • Water damage

  • Rotted fascia or trim

  • Roof problems

  • Leaky pipes/dated plumbing

5. What should you do if you won’t be able to fix the major problems?

If you cannot afford to make major improvements, you can still spruce up the house before you list it by-

  • Install decorative arbor or sconce lighting or on the street-facing garage doors.

  • Power wash the vinyl siding, driveway, the front walkway, patio furniture, and deck mildew.

  • You can also repaint your house and maintain your garden area which will help you to attract potential buyers before investing too much.

Having an inspection for your home will give you a better chance for a fast and easy close. Making repairs by your own without taking advice from a home inspector will not help you in selling home to investor as soon as possible.