Frequently Asked Questions

Homestead Road will always make you a transparent offer, and show you how we arrived at the amount. We also provide you with advice on what repairs to make if you should decide to sell the traditional route with a Realtor. If we think you’re better off listing your home for sale, we will tell you that

It doesn’t cost anything to have a free consultation with one of our professional acquisition managers, who will make you a no-obligation, transparent offer on your home. If you do sell to us, there are no real estate commissions or fees to sell to Homestead Road.

Sellers pay the taxes and government fees on the sale, which normally total $1,200 or less. Compare that to listing your home with a Realtor where you’ll frequently pay a 6% commission, up to 3% in seller concessions and another 3% in closing costs.

Yes, we inspect the property at our own expense, and our inspections typically clear within ten days.

Typically we close in about two weeks, but we can work with your timeline and close more quickly or allow more time, if needed.

Discover What You Can Sell Your House for in its Current Condition.

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