Do I Really Need a Home Inspection

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March 24th, 2020

How Important Are Home Inspections in MN & Do You Really Need Them?
Did you know that home inspections can help you save an average of $14,000?


With 8 in 10 buyers opting for an inspection, home inspections in Minnesota can alter your home buying or selling experience.


“An inspection is needed to find out the state of your home,” says My Lam, Inspection and Evaluation Expert at Homestead Road. It’s necessary to know what you are buying and selling, allowing you to prevent costly issues in the future.


From water intrusion issues to helping to determine property value, this is why home inspections in MN matter to your pocketbook.


How Home Inspections Help Buyers and Sellers


From the perspective of a buyer, purchasing a home without an inspection is like buying a new car without taking it for a test drive.


With the seller, it’s the concept of selling a car without knowing what’s under the hood.


Home inspections are a preventative process to help deter issues such as roof leaks, foundational problems, and more. These are issues that can cost the buyer or the seller a substantial amount of money.


For example, a leaky roof can cause wood beams in the attic to rot. It can cost up to $1700 to replace carpenter framing.


Roofing, siding, windows, AC units, furnaces, kitchens, and bathrooms are high-ticket items when it comes to repairs or replacement.


In addition to saving money, several goals of home inspections include:


  • Evaluate the structure of your home
  • Determine if there are safety issues inside or around the home
  • Discovering defects in the interior or exterior of the home
  • Help prolong the life of the home


So, how does a home inspection work?

For the buyer, the process of the home inspection begins upon receipt of a purchase agreement. With the seller, it begins before the home is listed.


From there, evaluation takes place within the interior and exterior of the home.


What Happens During Home Inspections in MN?


A home inspector in MN will need access to your house and garage. Here at Homestead Road, we take the following approach:


  • Every house is measured to ensure the square footage is correct. Extra square footage can equal extra credit and maximize the offer you receive. Remember that additions can add square footage.
  • The location of the home is evaluated. Is it next to an area such as an industrial park, railroad tracks, power lines, or highways? Having these items nearby can lower the value of a home.
  • The ceilings are inspected for cracks and water damage. If you have yellow or brown stains on the ceilings, this is a sign of water damage.
  • Evaluation of interior plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Evaluating the conditions of the surrounding homes. Neighboring homes can affect your property value by up to 10%.
  • Take a bedroom and bathroom count. Some small bedrooms aren’t technically counted as a bedroom due to square footage. “It’s a myth that you need to have a closet for it to be considered as a bedroom,” says Lam. The criteria of a bedroom is a 7-foot high ceiling for fire safety, a window, and a minimum of 72 square feet.


Fun fact: In a high-rise condo, a room may be counted as a bedroom without a window. This is because no one will attempt to jump from that window to escape the fire.


  • The condition of the roof, siding, and gutters are evaluated. The gutter extension needs to be 3 to 4 feet away from the home. This allows the water to divert away from the home and prevent pooling, leaks, rotting wood, mold, etc.


If you’re doing a home inspection with Homestead Road, we make you a transparent offer at the end.


Are you worried whether your home will pass or fail an inspection?


A home inspector doesn’t pass or fail your home, but they describe its current condition. Its condition is ultimately why your inspection is “good” or “bad.”


The good news is you can improve the overall results of your inspection. This has a trickle-down effect of receiving a maximum offer on your home.


How to Improve the Results of a Property Inspection


If you are worried about a property inspection, this is how you can prepare to get the best results possible.


Inside the Home:


  • Make sure your utilities are connected. If you aren’t living in the home, the utilities must work so the home inspector can check them.
  • Change your furnace filter every 30-60 days. This helps prolong the life of the HVAC system and keeps it in working order.
  • Address mold or mildew problems. You will typically find mold and mildew in places such as the attic or bathroom.
  • Don’t worry about cosmetic issues. It doesn’t matter if your home is outdated or the paint color isn’t popular. This is not calculated in your offer from Homestead Road.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are turned on and working.


Outside the Home:


  • Keep your gutters clean. This is a common issue that we find during Homestead Road inspections. They should be cleaned out from leaves and debris at least twice a year. If you have problems cleaning them out, mesh gutter guards can help keep them clear. Clogged gutters can result in ice dams and become breeding grounds for mosquitos.
  • Be aware of water intrusion issues. Water can enter your home through the roof, basement, and windows.
  • Take note of cracks in sidewalks or crumbling concrete steps. These are tripping and safety hazards.


Even though you can help improve inspection results, you can still sell your home as-is without spending additional money to fix it up.


How Much is Your Home Worth As-is?


Are you wondering how much you can sell your home for today?


We can provide you with a custom quote by contacting us now. It doesn’t cost a thing to schedule an appointment with us. Best of all, we don’t take a cut on commission like a real estate agent. You also close quickly and have cash in hand sooner than later.



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