Homestead Road’s Core Values

Homestead Road adheres to five core values. These are the fundamental principles that guide our business practices and customer service standards every day and shape the future of our home buying company. Serving as ethical guideposts, these values ensure that you receive the highest level of professionalism and service when you sell your home to Homestead Road.

Our Values:

  • Humble Rocket ― Always shooting for stellar performance while never breathing a word about it.
  • Doing the Right Thing ― Serving people’s best interests even when it is more difficult or expensive.
  • 100% Responsibility ― Accepting responsibility for everything you impact in any way
  • Mission Driven ― Deriving your greatest sense of reward from fulfilling the company vision and goals
  • CANI ― Constant and Never Ending Improvement


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How Do These Values Benefit You?

buy houses

When Buying a House, We Promise To…

  • Put ourselves in the seller’s shoes
  • Listen and empathize
  • Address concerns and wishes
  • Win trust through personal and professional honesty
  • Offer help with moving expenses
  • Provide an album of photos “before” and “after” the rehab
restore houses

When Restoring a House, We Promise To…

  • Think about the family who will view our work every day
  • Emphasize quality materials and professional craftsmanship
  • View each rehab as building our reputation for future customers
  • Allocate rehab dollars where it will contribute most to long-term value
  • Strive to deliver a house that will appraise higher and finance easier
  • Let everyone to feel the pride in an excellent process and outcome

When Helping Families Own or “homestead The Home, We Promise To…

  • Treat every aspiring homeowner with equal respect
  • Strive at every turn to exceed expectations
  • Offer more values than those who cut corners to chase money
  • Advise on a range of pathways to homeownership for families
  • Provide quality end results that attract financing more readily
  • Connect families with creative financing resources

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