Homestead Road’s Core Values

Here at Homestead Road, YOU are our #1 priority.
Our mission is to serve you better than anyone else.

When Buying Your House, We Promise To…

  • Put ourselves in your shoes
  • Listen to you and be emphatic about your situation
  • Address your concerns and wishes
  • Establish trust through personal and professional honesty
  • Offer help with your moving expenses
  • Provide an album of photos “before” and “after” the rehab

When Restoring Your House, We Promise To…

  • Think about the family who will live in our work for years to come
  • Always use quality materials and professional craftsmanship
  • View each renovation as building our reputation for future customers
  • Invest in improvements to your house that will increase long-term value for future families
  • Strive to deliver a renovated house that will appraise higher and get financed more easily

When Helping You Own A Home, We Promise To…

  • Treat every aspiring homeowner with equal respect
  • Strive to exceed expectations at every turn in the process
  • Offer you more value than those who are focused on cutting corners to make more money
  • Provide advice on your options to owning a home
  • Provide a quality home that will more easily get financed by your bank

Our Values

Our five core values are what guide our business practices and customer service standards to ensure you receive the highest level of professionalism and service.

Our Mission Statement

  • Integrity – Telling the truth, keeping promises, doing the right thing

  • Fairness – Treating every individual and home with equal respect

  • Heart – Serving people with empathy, caring, and good works

  • Service – Exceeding the expectations of people and families

  • Creativity – Bringing innovative solutions to our challenges every day

  • Growth – Continuously dreaming, visualizing, striving, learning