5 Looks Your Home Buyers Will Hate and the Ways to Improve them

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June 29th, 2017

5 Looks Your Home Buyers Will Hate and the Ways to Improve them  

ubhappy home buyers

So you have planned to sell your house and you must be looking to get the top market price for that. And if it is in your budget, you must also be thinking to do the necessary repairs and renovations to make it more attractive and valuable. No doubt the idea is good as it would let you increase your house value by a great price but you need to have enough time for updating your house. Doing things incorrectly in hurry will not only turn the potential buyers but will also not let you get the value for the money you would have spent.

Another thing that you need to consider while selling your house at a good price is what the buyers look for and what they are going to reject directly. As you may have read many articles for what the buyers prefer while buying a home, here we are going to educate about the things that buyers will hate about your house. You need to avoid all these things in order to attract more buyers for your house.

  1. Looks similar to haunted house

    Undoubtedly, the outer area, the yard of your house is the first thing that a viewer will see. If the yard reveals the looks of a haunted house or it seems that Adam’s family owns it, the buyers are not going to enter your property.

    So, make sure that the yard looks good, is well-groomed with the seasonal trees, shrubs and flowers that not only adds to the curb appeal of your house but also infatuate the viewers to enter your property.

  2. Ceilings with popcorn finishing

    The housing trends and the preferences of the buyers keep on changing; now, the popcorn ceilings have become a thing of past. It not only accumulates the dust and dirt but also makes the cleaning process difficult. That’s why most of the home buyers don’t prefer it.

    The simple solution for this is removing the popcorn, repairing it with joint compound and then repainting it.

  3. Clutter and no free space

    More spacious your home is, more buyers it will attract. In contrast, a sigh of clutter will turn the buyers away. Normally, the things in the house are organized improperly that there is no or a less free space. As the buyers look for the spacious homes, they are going to reject yours.

    Decluttering requires fewer efforts as compared to the other repairs related to your house. You just need to remove the items you don’t use anymore, organize the remaining ones in the perfect order that will empty the space.

  4. Paint and decors of your choice

    Everyone has his own choice; if you have painted your house exteriors and interiors as per your choice, consider replacing it with the neutral ones. Though it is OK to show the buyers your choice, the bright colors can cause irritation to the buyers who are fond of light shades. Also, it would not let them imagine themselves in the house.

    So, repaint your house using a neutral color and replace all the personal decors with the neutral ones. It will let the viewers imagine it as their own house.

  5. A floor full of carpets

    Carpets are no longer remained the top choice; instead, people prefer the wooden floors, marble and the tiles because they not only look good but also are easy to clean. But still, there are the people who like carpets. If you are having carpets in your home, make sure they look good, are thoroughly cleaned and are free of the bad odors.

It’s not about you when you are selling your house; at that time it is all about the buyers as they are going to live there. So, if you are thinking to make repairs, make them as per the buyers’ preference. The above-given tips will help you make repairs the right way and attract maximum buyers to your house.

Still if you haven’t time to fix your house and you want to sell fast, selling a house as is best option to save your valuable time. At Homestead Road we buy houses in any condition for top market price.