4 Strategies to Reduce the Stress of Selling a Home

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September 22nd, 2018

handing over of a model homeBuying a home is an exciting adventure – but it can also be a tedious, stressful process. You probably remember every form and every step you had to deal with just to get the house you’re living in right now. But, did you know that selling your home can be just as taxing?

In 2017, Zillow, an online real estate database company, surveyed recent sellers about what stressed them the most when they put up their house on the market. The survey found that the top three things the sellers worried about were:

  • Selling their house within their desired timeframe
  • Selling their home within the price range they set
  • Timing the sale to coincide with the purchase of their new home

Some participants even placed the stress of listing their house for sale on the same level as dealing with bankruptcy, divorce, and healthcare issues. Here’s good news, though: there are several strategies you can do to make home selling a less stressful experience.

1. Start the Process Early

Listing your home is, indeed, a process. You can jumpstart it by doing meticulous research and careful planning of the sale. This way, you’re more prepared to resolve any issue that may come your way. Plus, one thing sellers underestimate is the time they need to shift their perspective from that of a homeowner to that of a home seller — which is also why it is helpful and vital to begin the entire selling process early.

2. Depersonalize

Some sellers refuse to move their personal items out of the house even when it is already listed. But when your home is on the market, it becomes an item for buyers to purchase. As such, you need to help potential buyers picture themselves living in your house for sale. Start with removing family photos, mementos, and personal care products. Also, convert rooms back to their original purpose. For instance, if you turned a bedroom into a home office, revert it to fulfill the function for which it was intended, in the first place. Buyers may appreciate having an extra room over a home office, after all.

3. De-clutter

When moving to a new home, you will likely need to get rid of a few things. You might as well take care of those before putting your house on sale. This way, you have fewer things to clean and put away before house showings, especially on short notice.

4. Be Strategic If Selling and Buying at the Same Time

If you’re listing your present home to gain funds to buy a new one, the timing can be a serious stressor. Sit down and strategize to achieve the perfect timing. Make sure to consider your financial situation and the state of your local real estate market while coming up with a plan. Also, think about selling your home as is. This strategy ensures a stress-free home selling experience, as you don’t have to repair your house or even deal with the hassle of multiple showings.

With these tactics, you no longer need to ask, “How can I sell my home fast?” Keeping your house clean and presentable can attract potential buyers who can purchase your home at the price you want, within the timeframe you desire. And if you go to the alternative route of selling your house as is, you can even skip all the stressful steps of home selling.

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