10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Real Estate Agent

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May 24th, 2016

10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Real Estate Agent

Being a part of the property world, in any way, is an invitation to stress. You might want to purchase a property, sell your home or commercial plot or put your house for rent, etc. Whatever it is, completing your real estate dealings, alone, can become exceptionally tricky. Most people cannot deal with this pressure and choose to take the help of professional services of real estate agents. The selection process of a real estate agent could be simple or difficult, depending on your luck, experience, research and the quality of advice that others give you.

10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Real Estate Agent

Before hiring a real estate agent it is imperative to ask some questions to them. Here are these 10 questions to ask a real estate agent that will help you sell your house quickly as is for best price:

  • Is this your full time job?

Or How many clients you have worked for this year? By asking this question to your realtor will rise more trust and you will feel comfortable during the whole process.

  • Do you handle any sale near my neighborhood?

If yes, then how much they were in numbers? If your agent earlier did any sale nearby your area, then it is obvious he knows the local market, which ultimately helps you to sell or buy your property.

  • Has any client filled any complaint against you?

This is very imperative question to ask, as it is not good to work with such a person who did any type of misbehavior with his client. If you are uncomfortable asking, just check with your state licensed board.

  • What is your fees and is it negotiable?

The seller pays the buyer’s agent utilizing the cash you pay for the house, generally 2-3% of the sales price. Since the commission amount is set by the dealer and can vary from home to home, you ought to insist that your agent is upfront about his share; you don’t want an agent who pressures you into a home based on his chances of landing a fatter commission check. You are also looking for a good negotiator. Commission levels mostly depend on location and state.

  • Beyond negotiations and Escrow what service do you offer?

Firstly, make a list of what you will be paying for. Whether they are negotiating the fees, dwindle all your paper work and contingencies.

  • Till today how many short-sale transactions and foreclosure have handled?

Although, distressed properties can be great deals but the paperwork is very complicated and your liability is greater.

  • Can I see reviews of your past deals?

A good agent should have nothing to hide and when you will ask him about the reviews he will never reject.

  • Do you have any reference where I can contact?

A good real estate agent will cheerfully supply you with a list of past clients that they have managed. Even a new realtor will have the capacity to provide some sort of positive reference, such as a past employer.

  • What makes you different to other real estate?

This inquiry will permit the agent to exhibit what stands them apart from their competition, both as an individual agent and as an office.

  • How long you take to sell my property?

You won’t get a correct number from your realtor, yet that is fine. You are trying to figure out their understanding of the present marketplace, the factors impacting your area and how those factors will affect the selling process.

You must be comfortable with your agent and sell your home stress free. You will be spending time with him and have professional conversations regularly. This can only happen when the relationship between you two is of a respectful and trustworthy nature.