Selling a House “As Is”
Has Never Felt This Good.

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  • Family needs come first, always.
  • A better price than other cash buyers.
  • No realtors, banks, commissions or fees.
  • Bypass repairs, inspections and red tape.
  • We take care of your home after we buy it.



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If you want to sell your home fast, look no further than Minnesota’s leading home buyers – Homestead Road.

Since 2007, we have helped over 500 happy home owners sell their homes fast and stress free.

Our unique process and integrated systems enable us to offer up to 20% more for your home! This means that from quote to closing you can sell your house “as is” quickly at the best price.

We are dedicated to serving people and families better than anyone else.

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We Save Lost Houses

We Have Good People

If Your House Needs Repairs

The Homestead Road Process: Bringing Homes and Neighborhoods Back to Life.

We pay more for any home in any condition

We fix them up with premium materials and a professional team

We work with families towards achieving home ownership


“I contacted Homestead Road and man! They came, they were professional, they made me feel at ease and they were fast. The CEO came and helped me relax and got it done in 2 business days. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this company. Their people were very humane and respectful.

~ A Minneapolis Homeowner

“Working with Homestead Road has been a great experience, not only in selling my Mom’s home, but closing in such a timely, professional manner. I liked their promise to take care of the home, to let us come back to see it fully restored and to meet the new family.

~ An Elderly Mom’s Daughter